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How do I install the carbon fiber dashboard onto my car?

We have created a very simple and easy to follow installation video!. Installation itself takes less than 5 minutes. No experience with automotive installations is required!

What is the difference between an actual dashboard replacement versus a dashcap?

A dashboard replacement fully replaces the wood/white dashboard in your Model 3 or Model Y while using REAL and authentic carbon fiber. Your original dashboard will be removed and replaced with our replacement using OEM parts from Tesla. A dashcap is

Do I have a generation one or generation two dashboard?

The easiest way to tell is to know when your car was assembled. All Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s manufactured after April 10th 2021 are second generation dashboards with removable end caps. If you have a generation one dashboard (car built before Apri

Will the OEM 2nd generation dashboard fit in a vehicle with a 1st generation dashboard?

Yes, the 1st Generation Dashboard and 2nd Generation Dashboard are interchangeable. The only major difference between the two versions are the removable/non-removable end caps. Our dashboard fits all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, regardless of

Will the dashboard fit a right-hand drive vehicle?

At this time, we are currently making Tesla Dashboards for only left-hand drive vehicles, however, are able to custom make right-hand drive dashboards based on accessibility for parts. Please contact us to confirm if we can help you with the creation

Where can I find installation guides for your products?

We have created a very simple and easy to follow installation guides!. The installation guides outline all tool you will need for the installation, and a simple step to step guide on how to complete the upgrade.

The glossy dashboard looks stellar, but what about the glare?

When light hits the dashboard, it travels to the carbon fiber and scatters off the surface. The color of the carbon absorbs much of the light, and with it being an uneven surface (due to the carbon fiber weaves) light scatters as it is bounced back.

When I receive the new products, what do I do with my old parts?

We ended our rebate program, and Rebate Program page displays why we chose to make this decision. You can choose to either sell it on eBay or another third-party platform, discard of it, or keep the parts in case you decide to sell the vehicle.